AURORA, Colo. — Police are searching for two men who tried stealing three drones from a Remote Control Hobbies store on Monday afternoon, the Aurora Police Department said. The thieves are seen on surveillance video walking around the store at 15450 East Smoky Hill Road looking at remote control cars and planes. Within about five […]

Protesters at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) shut down a talk by CIA Director John Brennan Friday evening. Three separate groups of protesters heckled Brennan about 15 minutes into the moderated discussion until UPenn professor Marjorie Margolies decided the event was no longer productive and brought it to a close, The Hill reports. Once the first […]

Brennan reportedly responded to the issues brought up by the protesters. “I know there are a lot of reports about hundreds upon thousands of innocents who have been killed as a result of these strikes,” Brennan said, according to the DP. “I can tell you with great confidence that those are exceptionally exaggerated reports… the number […]

Black Hat Asia IBM security guy Nils Rodday says thieves can hijack expensive professional drones used widely across the law enforcement, emergency, and private sectors thanks to absent encryption in on-board chips. Rodday says the €25,000 (US$28,463, £19,816, AU$37,048) quadcopters can be hijacked with less than $40 of hardware, and some basic knowledge of radio […]

Drone warfare has become a symbol of post-9/11 wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries. The Obama administration has continuously expanded the drone program over two presidential terms, drawing heavy criticism for the extent of civilian deaths – also known as “collateral damage.” Speaking at a press conference on Friday, President Obama was asked […]

Buy Photo The Drone Store Owner Bruce Chambers shows Fremont Police Detective Jason Kiddey how to use the table to control the flight pattern of a drone during a training last week.(Photo: Craig Shoup/The News-Messenger)Buy Photo FREMONT – Tuesday was supposed to be a day for Fremont police detectives to learn to fly their recently […]

US President Barack Obama has acknowledged that civilians have been killed in drone attacks in Muslim nations. “In the past, there was legitimate criticism that the legal architecture around the use of drone strikes wasn’t as precise as it should have been,” Obama said during a news conference Friday at the end of a nuclear security […]

Drones are being considered for use in delivery, security, and plenty of other fields, but law enforcement and rescue workers are already using drone technology. However, one Nils Rodday has demonstrated a hack that could allow someone to steal one of those expensive professional-grade drones from up to 2 kilometers away. Rodday, who works as […]