Airborne interception. Pic: iStock   Criminals using drones, quadcoptors and other unmanned aerial systems to avoid detection by police and law enforcement will soon find their new toys hijacked to provide evidence against them if an ASX-listed technology developer and exported gets its way. As prison authorities, drug agencies and police try to get to […]

Following the tragic deaths of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, during a rally for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile on Thursday night, the Dallas Police Department deployed a small robot designed to investigate and safely discharge explosives. Officers attached a bomb to the robot ad hoc-style — detonating it and killing the sniper while keeping the investigators […]

Negotiators had been talking for hours with the hunkered-down killer of five police officers in downtown Dallas when the man suddenly resumed firing with an assault rifle. Fearing additional casualties, the officers deployed a small, remote-controlled robot to carry an explosive device near shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, which they then detonated, killing him. “We saw no other option but to […]

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Demonstrators record a crowd of police officers on hand in New York’s Times Square, where a large crowd protested after fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota on July 7, 2016. (Christopher Lee / The New York Times) Two major news stories here in the U.S., both chilling, point out how readily U.S. authorities will […]

North Dakota, best known to entrepreneurs for its fracking industry and farmland, is now positioning itself as a mecca for flying drones, both large and small. Related Places In the northeast part of the state, just 20 minutes outside the city of Grand Forks, is a business park with the sole purpose of researching and testing unmanned aircraft […]

Drones could tail drive-by thieves on getaway mopeds in busy traffic  Unmanned aerial vehicles could replace patrol cars in high speed chases National Police Chiefs’ Council in talks over how to bring the technology to the capital to cut crime and improve safety By Mail Online Reporter Published: 04:10 EST, 6 July 2016 | Updated: […]