Police Drones

Officer Rey Caban spent nearly two years researching the possibility of bringing an unmanned aerial vehicle − a drone − to the Rochester Police Department. He demonstrated the new UAV last week, providing the first look at a drone of its kind in Minnesota. In fact, there are only three agencies in the U.S., Canada […]

Gary Reynolds, police UAV instructor and former police officer from Virginia, points out some of the features of the RPD drone. “Search and rescue is the mission,” he stressed about the devise. … read more at: http://www.postbulletin.com/news/local/new-police-drone-has-rare-capabilities/article_54f50856-f26f-5e04-ba5a-16c1c325c012.html

MOUNTAIN VIEW — A drone crashed into a high-voltage wire Thursday night, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and knocking out power to roughly 1,600 people for about two hours, police said. Related Articles Bay Area immigration consultant charged San Jose body shop owner, 17 others charged with insurance fraud San Jose woman […]

At least 10 Indiana police departments already have their own drones, and more are considering obtaining them. They have the potential to be incredible crime-fighting tools. The only problem is that it is hard for police to use drones legally in this state. In fact, civilians would probably have an easier time staying within the […]

The Lawrenceville City Council voted recently to approve the purchase of an unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone will be used in documenting crime scenes, surveillance, automobile accident investigations, and search and rescue. … read more at: http://www.ajc.com/news/local/lawrenceville-police-purchase-drone/iglEzBMtkst3ooEtiooFxO/

WASHINGTON — Approximately a dozen police, fire and emergency agencies surrounding Washington, D.C. are using drones to capture criminal suspects and fight fires, but the unmanned aircraft systems also are sparking privacy concerns and legislation. At least 347 state and local police, sheriff, fire and emergency units in the United States have acquired drones, according to […]