Don’t Drone Me

Leslie Jones, Chris Redd, Chadwick BosemanScreenshot: Saturday Night Live On last night’s Saturday Night Live, it was inevitable that host Chadwick Boseman would have a lot of Black Panther stuff thrown at him. His monologue even teased SNL’s, let’s call it inconsistent, history of host-centric hot-button sketch work. (Thankfully, morning show Wake Up, Wakanda remains […]


Photo: AP MoviePass is putting two fingers in the air and screaming “YOLO” as it doubles down on its huge bets. Even though its parent company was running low on cash and its stock price has hit new lows, the film subscription company has announced plans to buy a prolific production company and launch its […]


Taylor Saulters Photo: Athens-Clarke County, Ga., Police Department (Facebook) An Athens-Clarke County, Ga., police officer is out of a job after an investigation determined that he purposely rammed his police cruiser into a fleeing suspect. According to ABC News, Officer Taylor Saulters was first suspended after the incident, which occurred Friday, but was ultimately fired […]

Paul Menter has made some good points regarding water storage at Woody Creek and Aspen’s future water needs. However, in his article of Wednesday regarding the Castle Creek hydro-electric ballot question of 2012, he failed to mention the expenditures of large sums of money by anonymous sources, in a concerted effort of misinformation intended to […]

We would like to thank The Aspen Times for publishing the story about the continued unauthorized solicitation of local business owners (“Aspen booster club tries to bust up sports scammers”, April 26). These national scamming companies contact local business owners to get them to purchase advertising on high school posters that they don’t even print. […]

Photo: Getty The Chinese government has banned all online sales of the Christian Bible, the New York Times reported Thursday.  China’s biggest online retailers have reportedly already ended all Bible sales. Bibles sales are still permitted at Church bookstores in China, and some analyses or commentaries of the Bible are still sold on major retail […]

This is an homage to the great sci-fi writers of my youth like Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Aurthur C. Clark, and the rest of the voices of reason concerning the fast pace of technology and the consequences thereof. “Don’t Drone Me Dude” Drones, drones They’re everywhere On the street and in the air Don’t you […]

Photo: AP Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt probably should been fired a dozen times by now. He hasn’t, however, because when it comes to Trump’s overarching goal of rendering the federal government’s regulatory power toothless, he’s been one of Trump’s most effective agency heads. But that doesn’t mean that the White House is happy. […]