Don’t Drone Me

At SHOT Show, Nikon Sport Optics introduced several new optics that would be hitting the market in 2018. The P-Tactical Superdot is now shipping to dealers. This red dot sight has a suggested retail of just under $200. In a press release, the company stated: The P-TACTICAL SUPERDOT is engineered with fully multicoated lenses and […]

Bond Arms of Texas had its booth in the usual place at SHOT, and at first glance, there wasn’t a whole lot new to see on their display tables. An inquiry with the booth crew did turn up a pair of new product offerings for 2019, however. The first was a new slimline derringer, greatly […]

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The white-coat-clad mad scientists at Battlearms Development have been hard at work as usual. As a result, they have returned to SHOT Show 2019 with a truckload of new firearms and accessories. The rifle that started the lightweight AR revolution, the Battlearms OIP Ultralight Rifle (dubbed the Ounces is Pounds rifle) has returned with some serious […]

Rossi, the other, other Brazilian firearms manufacturer. Though the company has been around for 129 years now, the history important to this piece started in the 1970s. It was right about this time was when Taurus International acquired both the rights and the tooling for Rossi revolvers; hence the markings on the frame of this […]

Grey Ghost Precision’s new 9mm Glock 19-sized pistol is finally here and should be available for purchase in August 2018. At TriggrCon 2018 in Bellevue, WA, we were able to put some rounds through it. Grey Ghost’s intention with the Combat Pistol-C is to offer a pistol that comes out-of-the-box with all of the modifications and upgrades […]

This article originally appeared in RECOIL Issue 42 Generation X. But Not Annoying AF — the Atibal 1-10x Optics The future of modern carbine sights are low-power variable optics (LPVOs). Like the leap from iron sights to red dots, there’s an upfront cost, but unfortunately for the consumer, making the next step typically requires you […]

Shield Sights just added a new model to the RMS lineup that adds a more rugged body and water resistance to its feature set. The new Shield Sights RMS-W is in full production according to the press release and should be on dealer’s shelves any day. Shield says in the press release that the RMS-W […]

The new Apollo muzzle brake from Ultradyne adds a bit of sight radius on your rifle with its interesting mounting solution. In order to allow competitors to reap the benefits of the Apollo brake, it was designed to meet all size requirements for of 3 Gun Nation, USPSA, and IPSC use. Brownells produced a video showing how the brake […]

from the droning-on dept You know the word “selfie” by now (whether you like the concept or not), but what about “dronie”? It seems that, back in 2014, Twitter, of all companies, decided to try to make “dronie” a thing, combining drones with selfies (i.e., photos of yourself, taken from drones). It even set up […]

Back in the olden days, if you supported a candidate for president, you wore a little pin on your bag. Those days are over. For 2016’s contenders, the race to put out the best merchandise has become a sort of side sport. In April, The New York Times reported on Ted Cruz’s lack of awesome swag […]

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, HIVE LIGHTING are just a few weeks away from finally bringing their much-awaited Wasp 100-C LED fixture to market. Like we originally reported back in December 2016, the Wasp 100-C is an 85W LED spotlight with the kind of output you would get from a 650W tungsten fixture. In addition to […]


But if you’re a supporter of the senator with a yen for the stylish spend, your options aren’t totally foreclosed. While searching through the various offerings (which included black knit caps, “Don’t Drone Me Bro” slogan T-shirts and something called a “Hillary hard drive”) we ran across slogan- and logo-festooned vinyl decals designed specifically to […]