Don’t Drone Me

We would like to thank The Aspen Times for publishing the story about the continued unauthorized solicitation of local business owners (“Aspen booster club tries to bust up sports scammers”, April 26). These national scamming companies contact local business owners to get them to purchase advertising on high school posters that they don’t even print. […]

Photo: Getty The Chinese government has banned all online sales of the Christian Bible, the New York Times reported Thursday.  China’s biggest online retailers have reportedly already ended all Bible sales. Bibles sales are still permitted at Church bookstores in China, and some analyses or commentaries of the Bible are still sold on major retail […]

This is an homage to the great sci-fi writers of my youth like Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Aurthur C. Clark, and the rest of the voices of reason concerning the fast pace of technology and the consequences thereof. “Don’t Drone Me Dude” Drones, drones They’re everywhere On the street and in the air Don’t you […]

Photo: AP Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt probably should been fired a dozen times by now. He hasn’t, however, because when it comes to Trump’s overarching goal of rendering the federal government’s regulatory power toothless, he’s been one of Trump’s most effective agency heads. But that doesn’t mean that the White House is happy. […]

Photo: Bobby Bank (Getty Images) Edward’s Norton production company, Class 5 Productions, is being sued this week over a fire that broke out recently on the set of the actor/director’s new film, Motherless Brooklyn. The massive blaze—which ended up killing one of the New York Fire Department firefighters, Michael Davidson, who was attempting to fight […]

Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty Images) It’s impossible to determine which social media platform has done the most damage to mankind, as Facebook and Twitter are just so very close, but it’s hard to deny that Facebook had been making a strong push over the last week or so. First, a story came out that a […]


Photo: Tim P. Whitby (Getty Images) As iconic aspects of human culture that have both made similarly impactful contributions to the world of science and knowledge, it makes sense that The Simpsons and Stephen Hawking would be somewhat connected. Hawking made four appearances as himself on the show, beginning with “They Saved Lisa’s Brain” in […]


Photo: Getty Pitchfork reported on Wednesday that feminist Russian performance collective Pussy Riot is preparing to tour the United States for the very first time. Advertisement   The collective’s latest musical compilation was its 2016 EP xxx, which included the tracks “Make America Great Again” and “Straight Outta Vagina,” and their most recent single is […]


The U.S. women’s hockey team were so close to pulling off what would have been a very fun comeback. They controlled the majority of their final group-stage battle against Canada—which didn’t really matter but served as a preview of the expected gold-medal game—but the Americans still found themselves down 2-0 after a couple of second-period […]