CIA Drones

Heart Home Book Club at library The Heart Home Book Club is a pick-your-own book discussion group at Kennebunk Free Library. Participants choose their own fiction or nonfiction book based on a monthly theme. On Monday, July 1, at 2 p.m., the theme will be diaries, journals and letters. Feel free to call or stop […]

Our monthly roundup includes a not-so-bloodthirsty offering from Thomas Harris and a Hitchcockian psychological thriller from J.S. Monroe. Brad Thor has penned an exquisitely tailored and brilliantly realized action tale in “Backlash” (Emily Bressler Books, $27.99, 380 pages), which takes his longtime hero Scot Harvath to new heights … and depths. Indeed, the 19th novel […]

Sometimes, though, it is the United States that inadvertently gives up its own secrets. In April 2001, a Navy EP-3 electronic surveillance plane landed on China’s Hainan Island following a midair collision with a Chinese fighter jet. The American ambassador to China said at the time that he assumed that Chinese government officials examined the […]

Iran-watchers are on high-alert today on news that sailors of the U.S. Navy’s USS Bainbridge rushed to assist in the Gulf of Oman after two oil tankers were hit in a new wave of suspected attacks, “forcing their crews to abandon ship and setting at least one vessel ablaze,” the New York Times writes. Involved: […]

The view from the roof deck at the W Hotel’s POV Lounge is one of the best in town. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post) Sadie Dingfelder There’s a reason billionaires like to occupy the top floors of skyscrapers: Great heights confer a sense of power, of omnipotence even. While many cities’ best views go […]

What do a Yemeni refugee in the queue for food aid, a checkout worker in a British supermarket and a depressed university student have in common? They’re all being sifted by some form of artificial intelligence. Advanced nations and the world’s biggest companies have thrown billions of dollars behind AI – a set of computing […]

LONDON—Gatwick Airport late Friday again suffered a shutdown because of another drone sighting but was able to quickly resume flights, as one of Europe’s biggest airports made a fitful recovery from Thursday’s full-day closure. The airport had expected about 800 combined takeoffs and departures Friday, carrying more than 126,000 passengers. However, about 160 flights were […]

Alphabet Inc.’s Wing Aviation unit has received the first U.S. authorization to operate a fleet of unmanned aircraft for consumer-goods deliveries, a move that could jump-start various companies’ commercial drone services nationwide. The Federal Aviation Administration’s decision represents a regulatory coup for Wing in a budding, fiercely competitive industry. Inc. and other companies are […]

Jeff Bezos predicted in 2013 that drones would deliver packages to your door within five years. The Amazon CEO overestimated the speed of government approvals, but on Tuesday the Federal Aviation Administration finally cleared Google’s Wing for the country’s first commercial drone delivery lift-off. In Canberra, Australia, Google Wing drones… … read more at: