Camera Drones

WASHINGTON – When a Minnesota brewery wanted to use drones to deliver beer to remote icehouses, the Federal Aviation Administration shot down the idea. Minnesota cities that tried to regulate drone traffic on their own also learned most of their authority stops at the sky. Now Congress is considering new rules that would give cities […]

Steven G. Smith for The Boston Globe Mike Gearin has a tendency to drone on and on. But it’s OK — because he’s droning about drones. Gearin is a sky diver, airline pilot, and former flight school instructor who has taken to the skies in a new way: flying commercial drones capable of carrying cinema […]

FPV (first-person view) drones are becoming increasingly popular—so much that the “worldwide leader in sports,” ESPN, has backed the Drone Racing League by broadcasting races this season for the masses to enjoy. Here on TechRepublic, we’ve discussed a few FPV options via DIY for readers looking to jump into this market. I took a look […]

Do you want to fly your drone faster and higher than the legal limit? A Russian hacking company called CopterSafe is now offering hacked upgrades for your DJI drone. Geofencing and No-Fly Zones help keep drones out of airports and stadiums, but you can now bypass that with CopterSafe’s software upgrades. Doing these modifications does […]

There was much excitement when GoPro first announced it was going to make the GoPro Karma, its very own drone. Until then, the burgeoning drone industry either made do with its own, substandard cameras or offered a GoPro mount for the ultimate in image quality. With the Karma, GoPro would be able to offer the […]

When it comes to Selfie drones there are a fair few flooding onto the market. The concept being a selfie from a high vantage point is something new and different and will be much better than your outstretched arm or a selfie-stick. Problem is, most of them are more than a bit crap. Hard to […]

ROCHESTER, Minn. — A police department in southern Minnesota has acquired a new drone that it hopes to use to track people who wander off because of certain conditions. The Rochester Police Department acquired the drone to add to their Project Lifesaver initiative, which monitors adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism and […]

From Amazon package deliveries to scanning farms for increased crop yield, commercial drones are finding niches in every field. “Many of the industrial applications of [drones] are being adopted by survey and engineering firms,” said Jordan Rising, director of flight and technology at commercial drone specialists Flight Evolved. “Most of these companies are hiring pilots […]

After firefighters battled the blaze at Grenfell Tower in London early on Wednesday, they turned to a drone for help surveying the damage. Kent Fire and Rescue Service, a department about an hour southeast of London, supplied its drone to the London Fire Brigade, the Kent department said in a statement. As of Friday at noon […]

More than 200 school pupils have marked the start of a weekend of celebrations in memory of murdered MP Jo Cox by forming an outline of a giant heart. The teenagers, from two Birmingham schools, were joined by their local MP. Jess Phillips, Labour member for Birmingham Yardley, said: “One of the wonderful things about […]