BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s defense ministry has decided to buy high-altitude MQ-4C Triton unmanned surveillance planes built by U.S. weapons maker Northrop Grumman Corp for deliveries after 2025, ministry sources said on Tuesday. The new drones will replace the Euro Hawk program, which Berlin canceled in May 2013 after it became clear that it could […]

ThinkStock The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security has issued a warning of a possible new terror attack threat. According to director of intelligence Rosemary Martorana, the Islamic State — ISIS — claims to have conducted approximately 80 drone attacks in Iraq and Syria over the past few months, killing 40 people and injuring more […]

While the SELFLY represents a possible future for affordable aerial photography, not everybody’s interested in cheap and cheerful, and that’s where the stunning $1,227 (€1,165) Yuneec Typhoon H comes in. It may have a silly (unique) name, but the Yuneec is a truly impressive bit of kit, eschewing the usual four rotors found on most drones […]

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Attorney Robert Barnes appeared on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about President Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration wiretapped him during the 2016 presidential campaign. Barnes’s latest article on the subject for LawNewz is entitled “Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance.” […]

The selfie stick is dead, may it rest in peace (or in pieces)… And here’s what killed it. A high flying drone-photographer that literally comes at a fraction of the size of the selfie stick. And guess what, it fits right in your pocket! Selfly’s drone is roughly the size and thickness of your phone. […]

Drone Protesters Arrested on Tuesday By David Swanson Anti-Drone Activists Blocked Gate to Beale AFB with Life-Sized Figures of Drone Victims Four Arrested While “Putting A Human Face” on Recent Civilian Drone Victims in Afghanistan Two Others Were Arrested Monday While Sprinkling Ashes on the Base to Represent Innocents Incinerated by Drone Missiles. Report from […]

Al-Qaeda confirmed on March 2 that a U.S.-led coalition drone strike killed its No. 2 leader, Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, in Syria. A statement issued by the militant group’s Maghreb and Arabian Peninsula branches said he died a “hero” in a “treacherous” drone strike it called a “new crime by America and the crusader coalition.” Egyptian-born […]

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio police and fire departments have plans in the works to start using drones as part of their operations. San Antonio Fire will use drones to get an aerial view of wildfires, large fires at commercial buildings, to search for missing persons or to get a bird’s eye view of […]

HONOLULU, Hawaii (March 3, 2017) – Earlier this week, an important Hawaii House committee unanimously passed a bill that would limit the warrantless use of surveillance drones. The legislation would not only establish important privacy protections at the state level, it would also help thwart the federal surveillance state. Rep. Joseph Souki introduced House Bill […]