Investing millions in promotional products helped fuel the unexpected rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – and reinforced promo’s essential role in the race for our nation’s highest office. Two political outsiders – one a successful businessman, the other a long-time independent – run for office. The former’s presence in the race is regarded […]

[The] department is gathering information about technology that could identify, geolocate, and log electronic devices within a 10-foot “designated zone of control,” potentially detecting attempts to leech sensitive data.   The “Wireless Intrusion Detection System” would map devices as they emit radio frequency signals in and around consulates, embassies and other foreign service posts, whose security is […]

If you believe the analysts, GoPro is in trouble. It’s quickly losing out to cut-price knock-offs in the action camera market and appears to be pinning its hopes on its forthcoming drone – the GoPro Karma – to help turn things around. You can also read the best drones coming in 2016 GoPro Karma drone: […]

The latest animal news involves two heartwarming stories of duty, love, and quick-thinking. While on a routine police patrol, Lieutenant Bryan Taylor of the Oklahoma City Police Department was shocked to find a frightened, pregnant dog roaming the streets. While he could have just ignored the canine and continued his usual watch, the kind officer […]

Police forces have been issued with a 28-page guide to how to deal with drones . The Home Office and Civil Aviation Authority are concerned over misuse, reports the Sunday People. The advice includes ­telling officers to attempt to take control of the craft only in “exceptional circumstances”. Police are instead told to wait until […]

The United States (US) has moved surveillance drones into the skies over Libya to gather intelligence and get a better picture of what’s going on in case additional military strikes against Islamic State militants are authorised. The top US military officer told a Senate committee on Thursday that the Pentagon has shifted assets to Libya, […]


Discover the world from any angle with the Chroma HD Camera Drone by Blade. East to fly and control, this drone features a built in 16 megapixel 1080p HD camera to capture the clearest footage from your flight. Complete with a 6300 mAh battery for flights up to half an hour, you can use the […]