Trillium Engineering successfully tests new h.265 video encoder for tactical drones

HOOD RIVER, Ore., Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Trillium Engineering, an industry leader in gimbaled camera systems for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), successfully conducted a test flight of a new video processor that will dramatically improve the operation of Group 2 UAS.

The current crop of full-motion video camera systems used on tactical UAS rely on an H.264 video compression codec standard. The resulting picture is “good enough” for close targets. But when the UAS operates at long ranges from the ground station, the bit rate to the operator is reduced.

As a result, critical details in the imagery get fuzzy.

“You can’t tell, for example, if the person you are monitoring is holding a rifle or a shovel,” said Rob Gilchrist, president of Trillium Engineering. “This means that you have to scrub some missions because you can’t make a positive identification.”

However, by adapting its video camera systems

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