The Real 9/11 Tragedy America Is Missing

Key Point: If we want to once again be worthy of emulation by people around the globe while still guaranteeing the security of the American people, we must demonstrate fortitude and courage by admitting that some of our policies and actions have in the past been incongruous with American values. 

The horrific events surrounding 9/11 traumatized a considerable number of Americans, leaving most feeling vulnerable and insecure.  In the first few days and weeks after the attack, there were many rumors of “second wave” attacks.  Americans were understandably jittery.  Our government had to make a number of decisions with imperfect information to protect us and to find the guilty as quickly as possible.  It is the constitutional responsibility for the government to “provide for the common defense” of the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  But what if, in the just pursuit of that objective, we unwittingly harmed our

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