FlytBase Announces Autonomous Drone Solution for Counting Warehouse Inventory

FlytBase, a provider of drone solution software, recently announced FlytWare, an autonomous drone solution for indoor operations. Cycle counting of warehouse inventory, a labor intensive but high-value business activity, can now be done aerially, automatically and intelligently. FlytWare is designed to be deployed for pallet and case reserve counts be it freight forwarding sites, cargo storage facilities, warehouses, fulfillment centers and retail stores. 


“Since last year, we have been in deep conversations about aerial inventory counts with warehouse general managers, inventory stakeholders, VPs of digital transformation operations, IT systems managers, finance controllers, and supply chain innovation teams,” said Kaushik Gala, Chief Business Officer at FlytBase. “Despite past setbacks, they continue to believe that autonomous drones are one of the most promising warehouse automation solutions – not only because of their cost-effectiveness and rapid scalability, but also because of the opportunity to easily adopt them as part of continuous operational

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