Camera Drone Follows Rollercoaster to Capture Dizzying Cinematic Footage

FPV Drone pilot and YouTuber Viggo Koch recently teamed up with the folks at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden to film something pretty epic. Using his substantial drone racing skills, he followed the park’s HELIX rollercoaster to capture some dizzying footage that holds its own against any CGI out there.

To be clear, this was filmed in collaboration with the park, before people were there, with permission and without risking anybody’s safety. It’s worth mentioning, since this is not always the case. In our opinion, the park made a great decision, since this footage is great advertising.

The footage was captured using GoPro HERO 7 Black attached to a custom-built racing drone that was also sporting an Foxeer Falkor FPV camera. Koch was able to see where he was going thanks to a

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