Bolton is Out as Trump Considers Easing Sanctions in Order to Meet Iran’s Rouhani – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

Three of the major news stories of the week are: the firing/resignation of John Bolton, precipitated by a Trump-concocted plan to ease Iran sanctions in order to facilitate a meeting with Iran’s Pres. Rouhani; and Israeli prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu’s exposure of an alleged Iranian secret nuclear facility.

After months of increasing friction between Trump and his national security advisor, Bolton tendered his resignation. The president suggested that they both “sleep on it” and revisit the issue later. The next morning Bolton followed through and submitted a written resignation. Which spurred Trump to tweet that he’d fired his fiery hawk advisor.

At White House meeeting, Trump and Mnuchin argued for a meeting with Iran, while Bolton vehemently objected…and resigned  (AP/Susan Walsh)

As background, it was Bolton who urged Trump to initiate a coup against the Maduro government

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