A Memoir From Hell by Samantha Power

When I turned the last page of “The Education of an Idealist” and was confronted by the acknowledgements section, I honestly thought I must have missed something. But the index confirms these topics just aren’t there. There is no entry for “drones” between Drew, Nelson and Drudge Report. There’s nothing about Kissinger or Israel’s bombings of Gaza. (We do learn on page 468 that she played basketball once with “Palestinian girls who hoped to become engineers, architects and politicians.”)

The omission of the Saudi war on Yemen might be the most glaring of all. Now that she’s out of office, Power is very upset about it. But as the attack began in 2015, Power stood behind what The Atlantic called “an unrealistic and one-sided resolution drafted by the Saudis, introduced by the British and passed … with U.S. support.” At that moment, Power personally seized the opportunity to blame the Houthi

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