Wave of drones and cameras to help BP snuff out methane leaks – News for the Oil and Gas Sector

BP will unleash a fleet of drones and surveillance cameras to police its facilities for leaks of a potent greenhouse gas.

The UK energy giant will continuously monitor and measure methane emissions at all of its new, major global projects using a range of gadgets, including gas cloud imaging instruments.

A number of existing facilities are also being retrofitted with fixed detection gear as part of a wider crusade by the firm to reduce its impact on the environment.

BP also revealed that a drone equipped with a methane sensor had flown from Papa Stour in Shetland to the Clair Ridge platform and back.

The aircraft live-streamed data collected during the 115-mile round trip, which BP claimed was the longest UK commercial drone flight ever recorded.

The methane sensor used technology originally designed by Nasa for its Curiosity rover, which is looking for signs of life on the Mars.

BP and its peers have come under

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