Fast Food Delivery Drone Being Developed in Syracuse, N.Y.

(TNS) — A hungry North Carolina resident will make history sometime next month simply by ordering a burger or burrito. A drone, weighing as little as a toddler and using technology first tested in Central New York, will deliver the fast food after flying over a busy highway.

The feat will be the work of a small Israeli startup who, with the help of test pilots and engineers based in Syracuse, N.Y., beat out some of the world’s best-known tech giants for a head-start in the exploding food delivery business.

Syracuse-based NUAIR confirmed the drone’s backup safety system – a high-tech automatically deploying parachute – would work under the worst-case scenarios.

Even if all motors failed at full speed 230 feet in the air, the free-falling drone’s parachute would deploy, gently lowering it to the ground to avoid a potentially deadly crash into people.

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