Eachine Cinecam — A 4K drone that will fit in your pocket

We have flown a handful of different cinewhoop style drones. The Eachine Cinecam stands apart from the Beta85x HD, Mobula  HD, and the iFlight Cinebee. It uses a similarly small and compact form but packs both a 4K camera and a dedicated FPV camera. It is most definitely the top dog when it comes to tiny little cinematic whoop style drones.

DJI Spark

Eachine Cinecam

Ready-made cinewhoops or small ducted HD drones aren’t new. They have been around for a while. However, the Eachine Cinecam is the first to be able to record 4K footage. It does so using the Caddx Tarsier camera and it does a very nice job. You can fly this little guy in spots that a typical camera drone just

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