26-Year-Old Activist Takes on 26-Year Incumbent in Chicago

Rush’s legislative record is mixed. He is a co-sponsor of the House’s Medicare for All bill and has sponsored a number of measures this session to improve access to insulin and generic drugs, build up rural access to broadband, and make pipelines for natural gas and hazardous liquids safer. One of his earliest votes, though, continues to haunt him. Along with many prominent Democrats, he supported the 1994 federal crime bill, which is now largely understood to have driven up the number of incarcerated people in the U.S. and had little impact on curbing overall crime.

Emmons frequently points to the 1994 vote as one of his opponent’s weaknesses. “If you look back at the 1994 crime bill that a lot of Democrats jumped on, it actually did the exact opposite thing that it was intended to do. It caused more crime in our communities and separated families for decades,

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