WATCH: Police Use Drone During Climate Change Demonstration

Drone footage from West Midlands Police shows how the Force safely policed the Extinction Rebellion demonstration, in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police – which has a number of DJI drones supplied by Heliguy – captured the footage from a height of around 70 metres.

The footage offered a unique perspective of the climate change demonstration, which was staged earlier this month. The aerial view gave officers useful situational awareness of the campaigners’ movements and behaviour, as well as the flow of traffic, which was disrupted because of the protestors.

The view from the drone. Picture by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police Statement

A statement on the West Midlands Police website said: “This new drone footage shows how we safely policed the Extinction Rebellion demonstration in Birmingham.

“Taken from a height of around 70m, the video shows how

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