Criminal drone activity a ‘real concern’

Airservices Australia, a government-owned corporation, plans to catch rogue drone operators by using low altitude detection and tracking technology, which is currently in development.

Airservices Australia handles aviation regulation along with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). While CASA oversees drone regulation, Airservices Australia has a focus on air navigation management and often receives complaints about rogue drone operators.

It has warned that drones not only present safety issues due to technical failures or misbehaving operators, but there are ‘very real concerns’ they will be used for criminal activities – including terror-related uses. The new surveillance technology – which sounds a touch ‘Orwellian’ – aims to address the looming threat posed by the minority of illegal operators.

‘The lack of detectability and traceability of drones can clearly have significant adverse impacts,’ Michelle Bennetts, executive general manager of Airservices Australia, said to the Australian ­Association for

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