No arrests made in wild brawl caught on camera at Kansas City QuikTrip

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A large group of car-lovers were caught on video showing no love to each other at a Kansas City QuikTrip over the weekend.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Early Saturday morning, a large group started fighting and throwing punches at the gas station. After a brawl in the parking lot, the crowd of dozens swarmed the inside of the store on Front Street.

“I see people fighting, and then all of a sudden somebody gets hit with a bottle,” Jhonatan Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he was hoping to use his drone to capture some of the cars parked at the store for his YouTube channel, but instead he captured the brawl with his cell phone.

“People then just started rushing into the QuikTrip. And as that was going on, the workers were trying to stop the people from coming in,” he said.

Videos of the scene show people fighting in the parking lot,

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