Exclusive: First DJI Mavic Mini video surfaces on YouTube

The news just doesn’t seem to stop when it comes to the new DJI Mavic Mini. First, we see the photos, then we learn about the price, then the specs of the DJI Mavic Mini leak and now we get to see the first video of the seemingly soon to be released DJI Mavic Mini. Check it out.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Mini video

This first DJI Mavic Mini video was forwarded to us just 15 minutes ago and was only uploaded to YouTube about two hours ago so it is all very new information.

In the 23-second clip, we see someone holding the new DJI Mavic Mini and turning it around in front of the camera. A white DJI logo is clearly seen right above the battery door. On

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