Drone Culture Flying High in Loudoun

In the early 1900s, Loudouners began looking up to see more than just birds flying through the air, as airplanes began to populate the skies. In the early 1960s, residents had to acclimate their eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of commercial airliners taking off from and landing at Dulles Airport.

Today, in addition to countless flights that cross the region’s airspace every week, a new type of flying machine is becoming more apparent in the lower regions of our skies—unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly known as drones.

It’s not uncommon to look up and see a drone flying overhead anywhere in the county, whether it’s being piloted recreationally in a park or for work, perhaps to survey a soon-to-be-developed property or a police crime scene.

With models small enough to fit in the palm of a user’s hand that cost less than $20 and can be flown inside a house,

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