Watch: Gender-reveal party stunt ends with car erupting in flames

The black sedan parked in the middle of a country road in Australia’s Gold Coast spins its wheels while an expectant couple looks on. Lovingly wrapping their arms around each other, they watch as the first tiny puffs of smoke emerge, then build into a billowing blue cloud. The soon-to-be father pumps his fists in the air: They’re having a boy.

The sedan speeds up and starts to spin a celebratory doughnut as an enthusiastic group of onlookers surrounds the car, filming the brightly colored scene on their cellphones. Then massive flames shoot out from the back tires. Fire begins to engulf the vehicle, turning the gauzy plumes of bright blue smoke into a more ominous black.

The April 2018 incident, captured in drone footage later seized by police and released this week, has now entered the hallowed pantheon of gender-reveal parties that have gone horribly wrong.

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