microSD card deals: best buys on memory cards for smartphones, drones & action cameras

As phones and cameras have got smaller, so have the memory cards we use to store all those pictures and videos that we take. The microSD format is the smallest of the common memory card types around – and it is fast becoming the most pervasive. But how do you get the best microSD card deal?

You will find microSD cards used in Android smartphones, drones, action cameras, and many more electronic devices. The card is as small as your finger nail – but it can still store plenty of data in its small body – with one terabyte options now being available. But to get value for money, it is smaller capacity cards that are often the best value.

Not all cards are the same, even after you have chosen how many gigabytes you want yours to store. Some are much faster and reading and writing data… which can be particularly important

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