Drone industry fires back against BBC documentary that predicts the next air disaster

A recent documentary from British Broadcasting Company seemingly puts forth a question in its title — “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones” — but goes on to take a stance in the film’s opening sequence painting drone technology in a threatening light that could very well go on to damage public perception of the industry.

“With drone technology evolving so fast, governments and the aviation industry are scrambling to understand the potential risks,” claims Aldo Kane, an ex-Royal Marine and host of the documentary. “Already the skies above the UK are busier than they’ve ever been — that is an air disaster that’s waiting to happen. It’s not if this happens, it’s when this happens.”

Aldo Kane, BBC documentary host, risk advisor and ex-marine with a “terrifying” drone.

Throughout the title sequence, viewers see Kane describing a drone flying near him in a controlled

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