What’s it like to run a drone program for UK police operations?

DJI Interview with Tom Shainberg, Senior Drone Pilot of Devon Cornwall Police

According to an independent study from HMICFRS (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire Rescue Services)1 conducted in March 2017, over 65% of UK ‘police forces ‘had either purchased at least one drone or had ready access to one,’. However, with the ever-increasing number of media reports involving police using drones, this number is sure to have increased.

Just one of the forces benefiting from drone technology is Devon Cornwall Police and Dorset Police who have formed a Strategic Alliance. We caught up with their Senior Drone Pilot, PC Tom Shainberg to tell us more about their use of drones within the AllianceDrone Team.

Q: Your Drone Alliance team was formed in 2016 – how did you first get involved with drones for police operations?

A: My father had been using drones since 2013 in his own

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