Trolls and True Believers Sign Up to Raid Area 51 to See Aliens

We live in an era dominated by fake news, when NBA players and pop-punk guitarists feel comfortable sharing their beliefs about UFOs and faked moon landings, and when a not-insignificant number of people that JFK Jr. is still alive and disguised as a slightly overweight, bearded man from Pittsburgh.

So it’s not all that surprising that more than 400,000 people — yes, you read that number right, it’s nearly half a million — would sign up for a Facebook event to raid Area 51, the notorious Nevada district that’s been the subject of alien conspiracy theories for decades, to “see them aliens.”

OK, so yes, if the above event description wasn’t totally clear, the event is intended as a troll. (If you needed any other indication the event wasn’t in earnest, it was created in part by a

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