Skydio R2 teaser: an update to the best-ever autonomous selfie drone is coming

American drone manufacturer Skydio is teasing that it has a ‘spectacular’ new drone coming this fall.

This might be marketing hype from a company that has only released one drone so far in its short history. But that one drone was something special – and features in our guide to the best camera drones

The Skydio R1 ripped up the rulebooks in terms of tracking moving subjects and collision avoidance. This is a drone that could follow cycling you down the mountain path, ducking its way through the branches of trees, to ensure that you stayed perfectly in shot. And it could follow you around as you walked through a building in super-smooth – using two cameras to aid its visual navigation system.

Now Skydio is telling its customers and visitors to its website “If you are thinking of buying a drone, wait. We’ve got something new coming this fall”. 

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