How Drones Are Helping Artists Build Better Experiences For Fans


Guest post by Avery T. Phillips of DottedMusic

Drones have been a hot commodity for a few years now, after finally hitting the market and becoming accessible for the average consumer to purchase. These unmanned aerial vehicles have tons of potential uses, and have been used both recreationally and to deliver an upgraded experience in a variety of entertainment platforms.

There is often an awkward period with new technology, as marketing teams and technology companies look for the best way to apply them in different industries. In the music industry, drones have been found to add a lot of value when used to record live music performances from a better perspective, as well as to create awesome light visuals for audiences to enjoy.

Drones Helping Musicians Increase Showmanship

Robotics and AI are now found in many industries, helping take basic tasks off the hands of humans in order to give people

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