Here’s Why the BBC Drone Documentary is Wrong And Incredibly Dangerous

DJI is battling it out again with sensational reports on the supposed dangers of off-the-shelf camera drones. The company was part of a recent BBC documentary titled “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones.” Yeah, that sounds unbiased. DJI has already fired back at BBC and lodged a formal complaint against the broadcaster for factual inaccuracies. 

You can read the company’s letter and the BBC’s response here and here.

I want to focus on a three-minute segment from the documentary which not only wholly discredits the entire piece from the BBC but also endorses an action which will endanger lives on the ground. The BBC can be on the defensive all it wants. Its footage shows the irresponsibility of the network and the documentary producers. 

Shooting Drones is Grossly Negligent

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