A Modest Proposal: Cut the Intelligence Budget and Use the Money to Build Our Own 5G Systems

The U.S. intelligence community spends $80 billion a year. That’s more than the whole economy of Oman or Uruguay. The CIA never has undergone an audit. Gen. Michael Flynn proposed to audit the CIA, and look what happened to him. President Trump should pardon Flynn and assign him to the audit. The CIA’s actual spying capacity, or human intelligence (“HUMINT”), collapsed under the Obama administration. China and Iran cracked the CIA’s inept communications channel and rolled up its entire network in both countries. That disaster has been widely reported in the media.

Most of the intelligence community (IC) budget pays for electronic eavesdropping, or Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). In that area the United States long has enjoyed a decisive advantage. That’s about to come to a sudden end, as I reported earlier this week in Asia Times.

The ultimate form of data security is quantum

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