Uber Eats’ drone delivery service could see Big Macs hit speeds of 70 mph

Uber is following in the footsteps of Amazon, Google, and others, with the development of its own delivery drone.

The flying machine will be used by Uber Eats, a service that lets hungry folks order meals using an app on their smartphone.

Uber has recently been conducting drone delivery tests from a McDonald’s in San Diego, California. It’s currently using an Air Robot AR200 octocopter with a custom-built box for holding the food, but later this year it plans to unveil its own delivery drone that could see a Big Mac and fries reach speeds of up to 70 mph.

The company told Bloomberg it wants to have a commercial service up and running by this summer. This may be a little ambitious, however, as it’s yet to receive the necessary permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In a bid to reassure the FAA about the

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