Thrillers: Betrayal and revenge in Brad Thors latest

Our monthly roundup includes a not-so-bloodthirsty offering from Thomas Harris and a Hitchcockian psychological thriller from J.S. Monroe.

Brad Thor has penned an exquisitely tailored and brilliantly realized action tale in “Backlash” (Emily Bressler Books, $27.99, 380 pages), which takes his longtime hero Scot Harvath to new heights … and depths.

Indeed, the 19th novel to feature the stalwart ex-Navy SEAL used to being dumped into a meat grinder finds Harvath chewed up by a system that discards him like last week’s trash. Being expendable is something he’s long accepted, but being abandoned and forgotten by his own people proves a bit harder to tolerate, to the point that he comes gunning for revenge — literally. That is, if he can escape the Russian hit squad that’s already taken everything from him and is after more.

Harvath’s existential quest makes “Backlash” read like John le Carre’s “The Spy Who Came in

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