DJI Robomaster S1 Hands-On

DJI’s newest drone doesn’t fly, but the company hopes that the programmable Robomaster S1 will help kids’ imaginations soar. The four-wheeled S1, which comes with a bevy of sensors as well as a cannon that shoots little plastic pellets, can be controlled via an app and programmed with either Python or Scratch. We had a chance to try out this zippy machine, which goes on sale June 12 for a sky-high price of $500.

Each Robomaster S1 comes disassembled in more than two dozen pieces; the first step for any child is to put everything together. The pieces all feel pretty sturdy, though it looks like you’ll need a steady set of hands, a small screwdriver, and a couple hours of free time to put everything together.

The completed Robomaster S1 is about

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