SnapShot Drone Allows For Quick, Easy Video Surveillance

A micro-UAV that uses a unique method of launch and flight is being marketed by a British startup company, FlareBright. The “quiet and stealthy” device has applications in law enforcement, emergency services, site security, and industrial inspection, the company says.

The drone is named SnapShot and can be “fired” from a variety of hand-held devices. It has a 12-cm wingspan and weighs only 85 grams. It follows a parabolic flight path to a height of 100 meters, from where it can capture high-definition video images up to 300 meters away. It then automatically returns to the user by means of pre-programmed software using re-adjustment by accelerometer sensors. The total flight time is 10 seconds, and after recovery the drone can be plugged into a tablet or smartphone’s USB port for instant viewing of the imagery. The drone can be recharged over the same connection in 20 seconds.

FlareBright said that 500 test flights over 18

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