Orange Township drones will get initial glimpse at emergency scenes

Within seconds of the burglar alarm going off, a drone was airborne, arriving 90 seconds before the first police car.

The incident late last month was part of a trial project in suburban Houston to determine whether real-time video is useful to police and firefighters on the ground.

Starting next month, firefighters in Orange Township will watch their own emergencies from the sky.

Township trustees agreed to pay Paladin Drones $10,000 to allow a drone to respond to crashes, water rescues, fires and other emergencies.

In the Houston run, police used phones and computers to watch what the drone transmitted as it circled the scene. Seeing no evidence of intruders, they scaled back their response and determined it was a false alarm.

Heavily populated Orange Township has many false alarms, but for this three-month project, only firefighters, not police, will have the drone’s help.

Divyaditya “Divy” Shrivastava, a 2016 Olentangy Local School District

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