Gatwick Resumes Flights Once Again After Drone Scare

LONDON—Gatwick Airport late Friday again suffered a shutdown because of another drone sighting but was able to quickly resume flights, as one of Europe’s biggest airports made a fitful recovery from Thursday’s full-day closure.

The airport had expected about 800 combined takeoffs and departures Friday, carrying more than 126,000 passengers. However, about 160 flights were canceled. It canceled more than 700 on Thursday, when authorities kept the runway closed all day.

Early Saturday, U.K. police said two people were arrested for suspected “criminal use of drones.” Police didn’t identify the suspects, who were arrested late Friday night.

Airport authorities shortly after 5 p.m., well after darkness fell here, closed the airport’s only runway after what they said was a confirmed sighting of a drone in the vicinity. The

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