Flying ‘drone grenade’ is the future of airborne weaponry

Terrifying grenade drone - SOFIC 19 ? DefendTex Drone-40
The Drone-40 is packed with munitions and fired from a grenade launcher (Soldier Systems)

The military has embraced drone technology in a big way, using it to avoid sending soldiers to their deaths.

Now there’s a new type of weaponised drone that was shown off at an arms conference in Florida last month.

It’s called the Drone-40 and it’s a low-cost 40mm munition that can be flown remotely into enemy territory and detonated.

Basically, it’s a drone grenade.

The weapon is fired from a conventional grenade launcher before four, helicopter-style rotors deploy in order to keep it aloft. It can fly for 12 minutes or hover for 20 minutes. It’s cruising speed is 20m/s and it has a range of 10km.

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