DJI’s Most Unique Product Yet

We currently know DJI as one of the leading drone companies in the world. Recently, DJI has been releasing consumer products like the Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action, but their latest product is called the RoboMaster S1.

For those that don’t know, DJI is a Chinese-based company who hosts RoboMaster out in Senzhen, China. This is one of the largest robotics competitions around the world and where DJI got the inspiration to create their latest product.

RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot designed to help people learn by doing. This newest tool from DJI allows users to learn hands on by being able to build and program the S1. On top of the learning aspect, this robot was also built to fight, with omni-directonal movement, target shooting, and an FPV driving experience, users can battle against each other like they would

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