AI helps robots and drones navigate with phone-grade cameras and inertial sensors

“We are experts in the probabilistic fusion of multiple types of sensor,” Slamcore CEO Owen Nicholson told Electronics Weekly. “Our AI algorithms have been designed to take the input from cameras and sensors much like you find in a phone, and translate it into actionable spatial intelligence that will allow robots to navigate around complex environments.”

SlamCore-three-layersThe firm aims to allow robots and drones to establish:

  • Where they are in space
  • Where local objects are relative to the robot
  • What these objects are

And do this locally on available hardware, with the intellectual property designed to slot into existing robotic processing stacks.

“To get the best performance, you must design the algorithms to be as efficient as possible and understand intimately how these algorithms operate on various processor architectures,” said Nicholson, who defines the approach

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