266 Drone Operators Registered in Montenegro

In Montenegro, 266 unregistered drone operators have been registered, but the number of drones in use is significantly higher, as reported by the Civil Aviation Agency.

In order to regulate as many drones as possible, the Agency has launched an educational campaign on safe drone management this year.

“The agency, through the conduct of this campaign, insists on following up the regulatory frameworks of civil aviation by drone operators, so as not to endanger the safety of air traffic, but also endangering people and property on the ground,” the statement states.

The Agency says that drones experience a real expansion, not just for recording from the air, but are also very useful in monitoring the infrastructure, forestry, agricultural, road traffic, and the like.

“It is important that all those who operate drones adhere to certain rules in order to avoid unwanted events such as crashing with other aircraft or their falling to the ground,

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