Theodore Decker: Would police drones be too intrusive?

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In the not-too-distant future, two buddies belly up to the bar and begin their usual banter about humdrum daily topics such as the weather, the lackluster performances of their favorite sports teams or, in this particular instance, the central Ohio debut of law enforcement drones armed with stun guns and laser beams.

“I predicted this day was coming,” Buddy No. 1 says. “When all of this started to come together around here, I said we had to be careful before it got out of hand.”

“I recall nothing of the sort,” says Buddy No. 2, egging his pal on.

“The heck you don’t. I pointed out my growing unease with the use of drones by emergency services agencies years ago.

“Back in June 2019,” he continues, “some officials in southern Delaware County started a pilot program where a private drone company synced its drones to the county’s 911 system. The

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