Satellites Are Quietly, Constantly Watching Us

Ziya Tong is the author of ‘The Reality Bubble,’ a groundbreaking and wonder-filled look at the hidden things that shape our lives in unexpected and sometimes dangerous ways. This is excerpted from that book.

It was obvious that the dot on the map had stopped moving, but it was some time before people realized that the dot on the map had died. That dot was Michael Hall, a cyclist in a 5,500- kilometer endurance race being watched online by a community of “dot watchers,” fans who kept track of the cyclists along their thirteen-day route from Fremantle to Sydney, Australia.

Each dot had an athlete’s nametag, and it wasn’t unusual for them to pause here and there, when the athletes stopped to rest, take meal breaks, or go to the bathroom. The GPS live trackers were on board the bikes to ensure that cyclists didn’t cheat,

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