Police chief pitches drones to Massillon council

City Council members are considering whether to purchase two drones for the Police Department to assist with search and rescue operations.

MASSILLON  Police Chief Keith Moser is hopeful the purchase of two drones can assist officers with search and rescue operations and other law enforcement duties later this year.

City Council is in the process of determining whether to purchase a pair of DJI Mavik Enterprise drones at a total cost of about $7,000, which includes batteries, cases and other related equipment. Members were briefed by the chief Monday night regarding the need for the aerial devices.

“They can help to find seniors or kids who go missing, and when we have to search a large field or wooded area,” said Moser, noting that surveying the exterior of a home and property 100-to-150-feet high prior to an arrest, drug bust or domestic incident are other valid uses.

“Finding a (fire-related) hot spot

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