June 2019

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Iran says the recent US cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems have failed to cause any disruptions. “The media ask whether the alleged cyber attacks against Iran did take place,” Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said in a tweet on Monday. “They try hard, but they have yet […]

The Espionage Act’s Ambiguity is Longstanding The discussion about the problems posed by the Espionage Act has been going on for nearly 50 years. Harold Edgar and Benno Schmidt, Jr. had warned about serious problems posed by the law in a 1973 Columbia Law Review article titled “The Espionage Statutes and Publication of Defense Information.” Edgar and […]

Dr. Brian Barsanti, Executive Director for the Southern Museum of Flight, was the guest speaker at the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Dr. Barsanti shared some history of the museum, which began in 1966 with a handful of display cases. He also shared plans for the new location which is currently under construction near […]

Washington, DC – The US Senate on Thursday delivered another strong rebuke of President Donald Trump‘s handling of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, expressing disapproval the administration’s move to bypass Congress to complete eight billion dollars in US weapons sales to the kingdom.  The 53-45 vote rejects Trump’s claim that “emergency” circumstances require the […]

IF FOLKS in rural UP knew anything about Donald Trump, they would describe him as ‘chatur Bawraha’ or ‘cunning crackpot’. Extreme caution would be in order dealing with such a form of life. If one has nerves of steel like the Iranian leadership, it is a different matter altogether. The depth of CIA involvement with […]

DJI’s latest release isn’t a drone or an action camera. It’s a way for governments to use their drones securely, without that data going anywhere else — even to DJI. Which governments, you might wonder? DJI’s YouTube clip introducing Government Edition isn’t exactly subtle with its choice of setting: DJI has been battling accusations that […]

Standing over an iceberg-littered Suicide Basin on a sunny Friday, University of Alaska Southeast environmental science professor Christian Kienholz gives some background on glacier lake outburst floods, or jökulhlaups, that originate here. “There’s some kind of pipe that it finds down there and then it just drains,” said Kienholz, making a small circle with his […]

In late 2013 and early 2014, in the heady days of the drone revolution, there was one killer app — the selfie drone. Selfie sticks themselves had already become a joke, but a selfie drone injected a breath of fresh air into the world of tech. Fidget spinners had yet to be invented, so this […]

Israeli defense company Aeronautics announced a deal worth $8 million to sell their advanced Orbiter 3 drone to an unnamed country. As part of the deal, Aeronautics will provide its new Orbiter 3 unmanned aerial vehicle as well as the maintenance and support services to country “B,” the company said in a statement on Sunday. […]

Tehran resident Dariush is exactly the kind of person that the Trump Administration claims to be supporting. He is a middle-class businessman who hates the clerical regime. The White House thinks Iranians like Dariush would welcome the overthrow of their government. But when I talked to Dariush by phone, he was more angry at President […]

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