Saudi Oil Infrastructure at Risk as Small Attacks Raise Potential for Big Disruption

Cyber attacks, for instance, could play a surprisingly large role in the event of conflict, gumming up the oil system or even causing damage. “Iran has significant cyber capabilities and in the event of a significant US military action against Iran, one could expect that they might deploy these capabilities against the U.S. and its allies,” said John MacWilliams, who was an associate deputy secretary and chief risk officer in the Department of Energy in the Obama administration.

Mr. MacWilliams said the Pentagon monitors Iran’s cyber skills and likely has plans to counter them. “It is one more important reason that containing military action from spreading quickly to a larger conflict may prove difficult,” he said.

The evidence, so far, is that the market and the oil industry can take some bumps in stride. Oil prices have ticked up slightly this week to $72 a barrel

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