Lilium and flying cars: their success is about convergence

Lilium’s electric flying car is all over the press this morning, and the cynics line-up to pour cold water over the idea. They forget a magic word — convergence. The reason why these new vehicles of the sky might well take off over the next decade is because the economics of flying cars will be transformed by convergence Flying cars is about convergence image

It is so easy to poke fun. ‘Err, hello, what about all those drones flying around’ — flying cars, it’s a recipe for disaster, we are told. It is something inane to human nature — we are lousy at grasping convergence, and convergence is the reason why flying cars, like so many new technologies, may prove cyncis wrong.

When Peter Thiel said of erstwhile predictions of the future: “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters,” he overlooked two considerations. First of all,

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