BetaFPV Beta85X HD – Cinewhoops are finally here

The BetaFPV Beta85x HD is a new drone in the growing class of Cinewhoops. Cinewhoops are small FPV style quadcopters that are capable of recording HD footage. While there are plenty of HD capable drones out there Cinewhoops make it possible to get HD footage from a palm-sized drone that pilots can fly in tight spaces that wouldn’t be possible with bigger drones. Not only can they fly in tight quarters, but they can fly acro style and are built to be able to withstand crashes.

DJI Spark

BetaFPV Beta85X HD

The Beta FPV Beta85x is an 85mm quadcopter with an F4 flight controller. It uses brushless 1105 6000 KV motors and can handle either 2S or 3S motors. The 85X HD weighs in around 75 grams.

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