Solvistec Imaging and SOLPI exhibiting new drone camera system at XPONENTIAL 2019

Solvistec Imaging and SOLPI will jointly exhibit the Drone HSI camera system at XPONENTIAL 2019. The system features two HSI snapshot cameras that cover 41 bands in the 470 – 975 nm range, and a snapshot global shutter sensor. The system can achieve 42 fps per camera, has a USB 3 interface, and fits in a Ronin-MX gimbal. Additional features are an included hyperspectral imaging SDK and an onboard Intel i5 processor.

Solvistec Imaging and SOLPI will exhibit at XPONENTIAL 2019 at Booth #4622.

To Learn More:

Contact: Solvistec Imaging / SOLPI
Headquarters: Oakville, ON, Canada / Barcelona, Spain
Product: Drone HSI Camera System
Key Features: Two snapshot cameras cover 470 – 975 nm range, snapshot global shutter image sensor, 42 fps, USB 3 interface.

What SOLPI says:
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